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Director of Foreign Students in USA

Is your first foreign student moving home?
Do you need a reliable home agency?
Foreign Student Moving Service Uncle Yu Yi Moving Moving Home Moving Service ~
Uncle Yu is an American shipping company specializing in returning to the United States since UCLA started in 2010 and is currently being used by returning students from all over the United States.

International exchange students are used every year for college or university, and foreign students who have made use of them are introduced.
Over the past 8 years, we have provided service only to foreign students moving back home, and we will provide more honest and clean service than any other moving company in the US.
Take care of everything from the beginning to the end.

* Why do many foreign students find Uncle Yu? BEST 5 *

01. Free Pick-up Service

Do not have a car? Are there too many luggage? Is the load too heavy?
So use it right away.
We will pick up FedEx free of charge for all areas in the USA.

02. Free warehouse storage

Have you picked up your baggage and have another schedule?
If you return home late on a trip or other schedule, Mr. Yu will keep your return baggage free for one month.

03. Fast Shipping

We partner with FedEx and we have warehouses all over the US to deliver fast US shipments.
If the delivery time is short, the breakage rate will be lower.
Please confirm the speedy delivery of Mr. Yu.

04. Easy registration of clearance documents

It is not difficult to register the customs clearance documents after your return day.
Secure your privacy by yourself.

05. Special Transfer Fee

Moving your home will be cheaper if you use a standard box special rate that includes all shipping rates from your US home to your Korean home .

Yu-mo's moving site: https://ucmoving.com
Yoo-san's blog: https://blog.naver.com/isdexp

Please check it now and make an appointment to apply for your departure as soon as possible.
I can modify my shipping schedule on my homepage ~

Site : https://ucmoving.com
Blog : https://blog.naver.com/isdexp
International students return home delivery
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